Please read the FAQ BEFORE engaging our Team.

Please note that we service a large number of accounts with a small Team to keep costs down.

We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to working with you!


How do I start?

Completing the Registration and reading the FAQ.

Do I need an Account?

Yes. You must apply for an wholesale account and get approved before placing an Order and access our Product Lists.

Do you provide Product Lists with UPC in Excel format?


Where do I find the Product Lists?

Once you login with your account you will be able to find them under the "PRODUCT LISTS" on the main menu.

Why multiple Product Lists?

We have created different lists to serve eCommerce Platform Sellers better by allowing smaller quantities, mix and match while we leverage/comply with existing vendor agreements.

Do you offer Quantity Discounts?

No. Our Product Lists contain our best prices which are very competitive in most cases.

Do you receive visitors at your HQ or Warehouses?

No. We do not have a showroom or cash & carry.


How do I place an Order?

Complete and return the Sales Order Form. Once you login with your account you will be able to find it under the "RESOURCES" on the main menu.

Do you have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) or MOA (Minimum Order Amount)?

Yes. MOQ / MOA varies by product list and deals. Mix and Match is only allowed within a single product list. Otherwise, MOQ is a pallet per product. 

Can I Cancel an Order or Return items?

No. We do not accept returns or cancel orders. Once an order is confirmed, it is final. By confirming your order you are entering into a legally binding agreement to purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Do you provide Stock Availability information?

No. Please do not ask if a product is in stock before placing an order.

We service many accounts, and physical inventory counts change rapidly. A product will be removed from the sales order if it is not in stock.


What if Stock Quantities Change after Payment?

Our accounting team will issue a credit note if stock quantities change after payment.

Where are the Products Located?

In one of our warehouses or a 3rd party vendor/partner warehouse. 


Will you send me an Invoice?

Upon confirmation of your order, we will generate an invoice and send you it. This document outlines the finalized details of your purchase, including pricing, quantities, and any additional notes.

Do you offer NET Terms?

No. Our terms are Cash in Advance. Invoices are "Due Upon Receipt," and Orders must be paid in full before preparing the shipment.

What type of Payment you Accept?

All. If pay with CC a 3% charge will be added. We will not release your order until payment is receive in full.

Would I be able to Pay Online?

Yes. We will send you an Invoice with a payment secure link


How is the Payment Process?

  1. Submit Payment
  2. Payment Clears
  3. Payment Confirmation Email
  4. Order Released for Shipping


What happens when an Order is Released?

Upon full payment for your order, you'll receive a notification that your order has been released for shipping. Our team begins processing your order by picking items from our inventory or placing orders with suppliers if needed, and preparing them for shipment.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

No. The customer is responsible for all freight/shipping charges.

Can I arrange my Own Shipping?

Yes. We can also quote and arrange the shipping for you.

Do you provide Shipping Estimates?

We only provide shipping estimates when the order is ready to ship.

After your payment is cleared, we will release your order for shipping. When shipping is prepared, we will provide you with the details (Pallets/Boxes, Dimensions, and Weight).

How long will it take from when I Place an Order until I Receive the Products?

We will provide you with estimated lead times in days. After an order leaves our warehouse, it is up to the shipping company. We are unable to take responsibility for 3rd parties or carrier delays. 

Would you be able to ship to Fulfilment Centers or Residential addresses?

Yes. We ship to any location within the US. Contact us if you are looking to Export/Import. 

What happens if a shipment is Missing Units or Damage?

All shipments are FOB Origin. We do not cover items lost or damaged during shipment. Once we hand off the shipment to the carrier, it is no longer under our control and therefore not our liability. Once picked up, carrier liability begins.

What are your Shipping Methods?

  • Small Parcel Delivery (SPD): Ideal for smaller packages shipped via carriers like UPS or FedEx.

  • Less than Truckload (LTL): Suitable for larger shipments that don't require a full truckload.

  • Full Truckload (FTL): For large quantities that fill an entire truck, offering cost-efficiency for bulk shipments.

  • We do not offer in person pickups at this time.

Online Marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

Do you ship to Online Marketplaces Warehouses (FBA, AWD, MCF, WFS, etc.) ?

Yes. You need to provide the shipping labels generated from your seller account.


Do you provide Prep Services?

No. You can ship it to 3rd Party Prep Center or Directly to Amazon, and they will prep it for you.


Can I Sell your product in Online Marketplaces?

We have many customers that sell the products and brands we carry online. However,  we do not take responsibility for any issues you may encounter while selling items on any marketplace. Please make sure you are approved/authorized to sell the products before placing an order.


Do you provide Invoices before an Order?

We will not provide an invoice before an order is placed and fully paid for on our site. Please be aware that all sales are final. If our invoice is not accepted for ungating, the order cannot be canceled or refunded.


Can your Invoice help with Ungating?

We cannot guarantee that our invoice will work for ungating on Amazon. The approval process is entirely at Amazon's discretion and beyond our control. However some customers has reported success.


Who provides the required FBA/WFS Shipping Documents?

Customers must provide required FBA/WFS documents, incluing boxes and pallets labels, for orders routed to Amazon or Walmart, even if we contract the shipping carrier.


What are the Customer Responsibilities when Shipping to FBA/WFS?

  1. Create shipment plans: Enter the ship-from address, box/pallet count, and any specific requirements into your Amazon Seller Central or Walmart Seller Center account.
  2. Generate Required Labels: Create FBA/WFS labels for boxes or pallets as needed. These labels are essential for Amazon/Walmart to process and store your products correctly.
  3. Respond to Shipment Emails: When your order is ready, you will receive an email with shipment details. Confirm these details and provide any additional information required.
  4. Follow Up on Shipments: Ensure you upload tracking numbers and carrier details to Amazon Seller Central or Walmart Seller Center to maintain shipment visibility and compliance with Amazon’s requirements.


What are the Carrier Responsibilities when Shipping to FBA/WFS?

  1. Pickup: The shipping carrier is responsible for picking up your shipment from our warehouse or 3rd party location. Once picked up, carrier liability begins.
  2. Delivery: Ensure timely and safe delivery to Amazon’s/Walmart's designated fulfillment centers.
  3. Claims: Handle any claims or issues related to damaged or lost shipments during transit.


Do you have Direct Relationship with Brands?

Yes. We buy directly from Brands or their established/authorized distribution channels.



We are not responsible for any information provided or inaccuracies. We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct printing errors. All prices are subject to change without notice. Packaging may vary and items not always as pictured. We are not responsible and make no representations regarding your eligibility or ability to sell or resell products on any online marketplace or anywhere else.