Do I need an account?

Yes. You must apply for an wholesale account and get approved before requesting a quote and viewing our complete product offering and pricing.

Do you have an annual commitment amount?

Yes. $30,000.00.

Online Marketplaces

Do you work with Online Marketplaces Sellers (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)?

No, at the moment we are not accepting online marketplaces sellers.


Do you have a minimum order amount/quantity?

Yes. $2,500.00 and we sell by case. All products have MOQ, please refer to the product details .

Can I cancel an order or return items?

No. We do not accept returns or cancel orders. By confirming your order you are entering into a legally binding agreement to purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Do you check stock availability?

Yes. We will remove a product from an order if unavailable. Please do not ask before placing an order.

Do you provide product details?

Yes, in our website product catalog. Further details can be inquired after a sales order is placed.


Do you offer free shipping?

No. All shipment are FOB Origin, and the customer is responsible for all freight/shipping charges.

Do you ship to residential addresses?

No. We only ship to commercial addresses

Do you ship Online Marketplaces Fulfillment Centers?


What happens if a shipment is missing units or damage?

All shipments are FOB Origin. We do not cover items lost or damaged during shipment. Once we hand off the shipment to the carrier, it is no longer under our control and therefore not our liability.


What type of payment you accept?

All. If pay with CC a 4 % charge will be added. We will not release your order until payment is receive in full.

Do you offer NET terms?

No. Our terms are cash in advance. All orders must be paid in full prior the shipment.

Would I be able to pay online?

Yes. We will send you an Invoice with a payment secure link



Do you have a Cash & Carry location?

No. We will be opening a cash & carry location soon with no MOQ.


We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct printing errors. All prices are subject to change without notice. Some items not always as pictured. Account will be disabled after 60 days of inactivity.